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Client Contact's Roster List

We have a web based chat client that lists company contacts in various departments. We have hundreds of clients that can chat with anyone on the company roster. So there is a chat user for each client and each employee in our company. In order for presense to work I have to create two entries. One for the client and one for the employee that refer to each other. The problem is when the employee spark chat up starts they will have a huge list of hundreds of clients in their roster. I actually dont want to list any of our clients in our internal spark app. Is there a way for our clients to see us online without having to have them listed in our internal spark clients? I can’t use groups, because then clients will see each other.

Packet Filter Plugin 2.0.2

Privacy Lists

Where can I get a xmpp debugger? want to access the privacy list.


Is it possible for someone to see that I’m online or not without me having to have them in my roster?

Spark login screen. Advanced > Start Debugger on startup.

anagai wrote:

Is it possible for someone to see that I’m online or not without me having to have them in my roster?


Presence Service

I just want to create a group of users and to be able to add that group to a user and those users show up on their roster. Allow this without the user being part of the group. Can you do this with privacy list?

Privacy list is beta? I looked at the debugger. Where do you edit the list? Debugger just views the packets. I noticed there is a jiveprivacylist table in the database. What is this for? All I would like is to create a list of users somewhere and assign the list to a user in a database table preferably.


I dont know much about this, so i can only give you some tips. You can modify user’s roster via Admin Console (User Options - Roster - Add New Item).

Dont know much about Privacy List except of that beta draft document.