Client Control and Profile Updates

I have been searching the forums for a clue to this issue, but have come up short. I am looking for a way to disable profile updates totally from the spark client. When I disable Avatar/vcard updates in the Openfire Client Control plugin, all that seems to do is disable the “Update profile” option from the menu. The user can still left or right click on the avatar placeholder or name in Spark and updates can be made that way.

I am not using an LDAP server as currently it is only for 40 people. But just that small amount of people have become very creative with nicknames and avatars. Many explicit for a corporate environment. I am not ready to attach to the corporate LDAP yet since that will invoke many more hurdles. And I know you can disable the avatar updates using the ldap avatar system property, if you are integrated with LDAP.

Is there a way to use LDAP just for housing the profile, and the console for user management/authentication? I could setup a small LDAP local to the server for the profile management if that is the case.

Anyways, I think the user still being able to click on their avatar and update their profile is still a glitch with either the Client Control plugin or spark. Any non-LDAP users got around this?

Any help would be appreciated. I didn’t really want to delve into the spark code or build a plugin yet if at all possible.


unfortunately there is no way to use LDAP in the limited fashion you described. I am also more inclined to believe that the bug may lie with spark. The client control plugin is supposed to deny access to those features but spark is allowing a bypass to that feature.

I didn’t think so on the LDAP issue.

Ok, different approach.

Would there be a way to block the profile/avatar updates server-side with the Packet Filter or Raptor plugin? Or would a custom PacketInterceptor need to be written? If so how do I go about isolating the profile/avatar update packets?