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Client Control Plugin doesn't work

I’ve installed this plugin via admin console but if I select “Permitted Client” under “Client Management” and none is selected I’m able to connect even with Android Smack API, so what am I missing? What can I check to see if this plugin is working properly?

First of all this plugin is VERY old and not updated for many years. I’m not a developer, but i think logic on this page is to block every listed client if none is selected (and what’s the point to block all the clients anyway?). As your custom Smack API client is not on the list, it is not blocking it. But it blocks Pidgin, Exodus and older Spark versions. It probably identifies Spark by its Smack version and as Smack library was updated in 2.8.3, it can’t identify it and is not blocking it. This blocking is very weak though, as far as i know it checks for some string in clients connection, but this can be altered and this plugin will be fooled.

To see if plugin works try with Pidgin.

I see. So this is the reason I can connect with Spark and custom smack client. But the plugin manager says that the plugin has been updated some month ago!

Ah yes. But all the recent updates only change Client Features settings page. All the other menus probably stayed unchanged since the plugin release in 2008.

I see. There is a guide that help me develop a plugin? I’ll try to create my own client permission .jar.

You can look at other plugins there https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/tree/master/src/plugins But i’m not a developer myself, can’t help with that.