Client create account with approval needed

I have setup my server environment to have users use their client to create an account on Openfire. Is there a way for these to be put into a suspended mode until approved? This way I don’t have to worry about hacked accounts and I don’t have to create the accounts just approve once they are created.



There is no such option or plugin in Openfire. I think you will have to create a plugin which will intercept new registrations and put them in some other table in the database, and then with a special interface in Admin Console you will “activate” them and then they will be put into table with all active users. But i’m not sure jabber clients will work with that. Clients while creating an account probably are waiting for an answer from a server, that their new account is active, and if server won’t send such message back, client can just show an error, than an account creation failed. So, probably this will involve modification of both server and client parts.