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Client Created Groups Disappearing

Brand new 3.9.3 installation. Users groups are pushed out to Openfire via AD groups, which are shared out to all clients, so we have a list that shows “Bay Area” with it’s 10 users inside of it, and then “Texas” with it’s 10 users inside of it.

Problem is, I cannot use a chat client to create any custom groups that “stick” after any period of time. In Adium for instance, I’ll go up to Add Group, and call it Lunch Group. I’ll copy users (copy is important - I can’t simply drag and drop them as that’s a “move”) into that group, so they exist in both Lunch Group and Texas. After a short amount of time, usually in under 5 minutes, they all disappear from Lunch Group. When Lunch Group is empty, the group itself disappears. They remain in Texas, presumably because that’s pushed out via AD.

Our older Openfire server, client side created groups worked fine. I would use Adium or iChat or iMessages to Create a Group, copy users into that group (copy was important, you couldn’t “move”), and they would stick in that group.

It was bad enough that I couldn’t export and import my user’s groups from one Openfire installtion to this new one (yes I know there are plugins, and I tried and tried and tried, but it never actually worked). I had to tell users that they’ll need to re-create their groups after the switch, but now they can’t even do that as their client created groups never “stick”.

How do I prevent these client created groups from disappearing? Thanks in advance!