Client disconnect when sending any URL in chat using the Trillian Pro clien

This is a new problem that I think showed up during one of the last couple of Wildfire upgrades. I’‘m the only one using Trillian Pro here (all our users are on Spark) so I haven’'t worried much about this problem.

Sending any URL in chat disconnects me. All I see in the status window of Trillian is this:

*** Connection to server lost.

*** Disconnected.

And then it reconnects. The packet with the URL is never delivered to the recipient.

Any idea why this is happening? Thanks for your help.

Can’'t even get Trillian Pro to connect to my Wildfire server. Spark, PSI and Pandion connect, but Trillian Pro continues to fail.

Hey jcatlin,

I observed the same problem a long time ago and reported it to Trillian. The disconnection happened mostly when sending URLs but sometimes out of nowhere. Check that you are using the latest version of Trillian’‘s XMPP plugin. Anyway, I think that even the latest version has some disconnection issues since I’'m having sporadic disconnections when connected to gtalk or


– Gato

Well I guess it’‘s good to know that the problem isn’'t just with me

I’‘ve noticed all along that Trillian’‘s XMPP isn’‘t nearly as smooth as it should be for an open protocol like that. Every time I ever connect to google talk or to Wildfire with Trillian it takes a while to first connect - noticeably longer than a “real” XMPP client - and then always disconnects after a few seconds, waits… retries and then connects and stays connected. It’‘s an odd behavior, but one that has been entirely consistent so I’'ve more or less ignored it.

I suppose our options are to either live with the short comings of Trillian until the new version - Trillian Astra - comes out or use an alternative client.

Thanks for the input.