Client login

I have a client pc that has had no problems logging into the server at al until 2 days ago. Now, all of a sudden, the client cn not connect. It goes thru the process…says connecting, then authenticating…but just hangs there indefinately. The server shows the user as connected, but the other clients cant see that user.

I am baffled

Have you tried closing that connection in Sessions summary? Restarting a server?

Yes…once i clear the connection to the server and have the client try to reconnect, the same thing happens…the client hangs on authenticating…but the server shows the user connected and authenticated…and the server has been rebooted a few times


it’‘s hard to say what’'s the reason. Maybe you have a problem with a client configuration file like settings.xml stored in %userprofile%\Spark (if you are using Windows), you may rename the Spark folder and create a new one to test this.

I assume that you did not already try to reinstall Spark, it may help as a very quick solution but then nobody knows what was the course.


I am also having this same issue with a Mac osx machine. I’'ve installed on over 20 machines today with this one having the only hicup. It has some funky font issues, could this effect the login?