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Client management does not apply settings on Spark

Setting on Openfire’s Client management page (eg. “Advanced configuration access”, “Logout & Exit”, etc …) does not reflects on Spark’s configuration, that remains allways the default.

We have:

  • Openfire Ver.4.2.3,
  • Client management Ver.2.1.3
  • Spark Ver. 2.7.7

User’s authentication is by LDAP.


To have best settings coverage you need to update to Spark 2.8.3. You can see which settings require higher version of Spark in Client Control plugin’s changelog (although not every setting is listed). Note that some of the latest options might require not yet released 2.9.0 version of Spark, which is in stall currently because of a number of major issues and no developers to work on them. https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/clientcontrol/changelog.html

Thank you,
Unfortunately I can’t upgrade Spark to 2.8.3 due known problems with file transfer (Spark 2.8.3 does not send files when a firewall is present (but 2.7.3 does))