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Client management


I’m currently have OpenFire 3.6.3 Running on a server with the plug in Client Control installed. What I’m attempting to accomplish is restrict the clients down to a specific version of Spark. We have customized the Spark version to disable certain features due to legal reasons. Locking it down to a specific version would prevent users from downloading a version from the web and installing it then bypassing our restrictions to the client. Since this will be deployed to our IT department (most have local admin rights to thier machines) we would like to lock the permitted clients down to set version that we would deploy.

When utilizing the Client Management Plugin it was noticed that for spark version we actually can load a build version into the server which does a version check on the spark client after log in. It does not though as it indicates stop someone from utilizing a different version of the client, just suggest they update their client.

Does anyone know how to prevent certain versions from being able to communicate with the OpenFire server? I was thinking that we could rebrand the client as a different client and then add it to the permitted client’s piece but I’m not aware on how to add a client into this window, the option is there for adding but I’m still unaware of how that is added and then how that client type is checked and confirmed upon connection to the server.


if you rebrand spark to a different name, not the name of the executable, but the name of the process when it is running, that is what you enter into the blank to add a new client.

We just did that and it worked perfectly.