Client roster not populating on connect

Hi All,

I’ve just done a fresh roll-out/server migration from 3.3.1 to 3.6.4. All clients who connect, no matter what client don’t seem to get a roster pushed to them. I’ve had to tell everyone to reset their status for their roster to update. The client doesn’t matter, it happens with Spark, Pandion, Pidgin, etc.

There are a few updates to my new server over my old, primarily Kraken and Red5 support, parsing different security groups, pulling Avatars from AD. The system is allowing clients to connect via AD authentication with TLS to the server. I have also migrated to an MS SQL DB instead of the integrated solution.

Any thoughts?




I found the issue with this. DO NO INSTALL REMEMBOT!!! The plugin wasnt being loaded all the way causing roster refreshes to not happen.