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Client will not connect

I am new to this. I just installed Openfire on server 2012 with LDAP connected. I have Spark installed on client system and when I try to connect the spark client using - username, password and domain it just spins during Authenticating then errors out with “Unknown connection error. Please review the logs for more information”. There is nothing showing in the log file on the local machine Spark is installed on. Any help on getting the connection would be appreciated.

Spark current user’s logs are located in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

Domain field on the Spark’s login screen stands for XMPP domain, which can be (and probably is) different from your AD domain. You can see what is your XMPP domain on Openfire’s Admin Console first page.

Thanks for help. It was a dumb DNS issue. Fixed it and working.