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Dear All,

I just want to ask. I’‘m using Jive Messenger 2.1.5 as my Server Messenger (Windows Based). I already installed all the plug-in such as search.jar.The probelm is, when user want to register,detail of the user not filled,only the username n password. So, the problem to search for registered user cannot be done.FYI,i’'m using soapbox as a client. What other client that u all propsed n best for windows version

Thank You

Well, you still must be able to search for users by username. Have just tested with Psi client.

As about clients, i have tested a few (not a SoapBox) and i’‘m suggesting everyone to use Exodus. It’‘s written for Windows, it has nice features, it works better with XMPP/Jive Messenger of all clients i’'ve tested. That are: Psi, Exodus, Gaim, neos, JAJC, Miranda, JBother, Whisper IM, Pandion, maybe more.

I hope this thread does not turn into a “My client is better than your client” type of thread.

I have a preference for gaim for a few reasons.

It is cross-compatible between Windows and Linux (and we have workstations of both types here).

There is a nice plugin (gaim-encryption) that is available for both the Linux and Windows versions. I’'ve found that configuring encryption between differing clients is more of a pain than it is worth where this is exceptionally simple.

The client has a good feature set (not perfect, admittedly) but does include support for other protocols if needed.

Gaim does have the ability to minimize to a tray icon in both Windows and Linux as well as configuring it to NOT steal focus or pop-up upon receipt of a new message. Many clients are starting to add this ability now, but not all of them have this yet.

It installs into the O/S via packages as opposed to many of the java clients which unfortunately require a manual installation and don’'t install into the O/S program menu automatically.

Lastly, I like the fact that it is open source. I’‘m no bigot that says everything should be free. I just like the fact that the client is free (which makes the managers/finance happy). Also, some clients are duel-licensed where they are free for home use, but not for corporate use. This isn’'t a concern with this client.

Admittedly, I work in a corporate environment and unfortunately have to make things easy when offering software for our MIS/IT department to consider. My preferences may not work for everyone, but it is better to be informed of all choices and why people make them.