Clients and protocols.... help

Alright, here is my predicament. I need to provide a chat solution for my companies call center Openfire seems to be the best platform for this as anything microsoft is just overkill. I have several problems that need to be addressed in someway and could use your advice, please feel free to chime in.

  1. Seemingly any client I get (specifically Miranda-IM and Pidgin so far) are stuck with XMPP, Google, and Facebook… I realize these are all pretty much the same protocol and i’ve tried removing every plugin I can, google and facebook still remain. I need a lightweight client suitable for a citrix environment and either the ability to limit connection choices only to XMPP or lock down settings in the client so that users cannot access them to change them.

  2. Referencing the end of #1, I need to be able to lock users out of changing configuration on a client if at all possible any suggestions?

the most important part of this request for information is my need to have just a simple xmpp only plugin for a chat client that does NOT include google or facebook. I will continue digging for information, please let me know if you have any suggestions.