Clients are "unable to connect" when server running as service

Small Business Server 2008 with ms sqlserver. Completed setup with no problms. At the time I did that, I was logged into the box as the admin, and the openfire program was running. Chat clients were able to connect successfully from other computers on the network. I installed and started the openfire service. Now clients cannot connect to the openfire server. The server is running (I can see it in the Services list) and I can access the admin console via a browser. But, whenever I try to connect via a chat client (pidgin), I get the unable to connect error.

Nothing is being generated in the Error log when a client tries unsuccessfully to log in.

And, if I log into the box and start the openfire server program manually, Start\Programs\Openfire\Openfire Server, then clients can log in again.

Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated.

you need to allow the service or the ports for the service through the server 2008 firewalls.