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Clients can't connect after update to 4.2.3

Hi, I update to openfire 4.2.3 and all clients can’t connect, but if you enter to the web you login susefully, Any body can help?

What operating system? What version you have upgraded from? What error does client show? What client do you use? Is there any related errors in Openfire logs?

the operating system si Windows Server 2012R2 I have openfire integrated with active directory and SQL Server, the upgrade was from 4.1, and when clients connect said wrong password, but I rooll back to openfire 3.9.3 and every body connect

Why haven’t you roll back to 4.1? It might be that with new version you have service installed and already running and then you try to run it with a launcher and create a conflict, so clients can’t connect. Explanation: upgrading Openfire