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Clients disconnected & reconnected

I have noticed that my jabber clients get booted off the server and reconnect after about 25-30 min. The clients are set not to disconnect if idle and are also are not set to time out and go into idle. I have the server set NOT to Kick the clients if Idle. The problem is happening on all of my clients: Adium, Gaim, Spark, Fire, and iChat. I need to find a fix for this issue ASAP. This problem isn’‘t stopping the users from using the server but make for a large amount of helpdesk calls (it’'s a bit of a PR nightmare with the users).

I am running Wildfire 2.4.2 on a G4 server and will be upgrading to 2.4.4 in a week (maybe this is has been fixed?). The server is really supper stable and have not had any problems with WF running on even with this issue. Any help giving would be appreciated.

Grant Harris

so this started happening all of a sudden? and is there anything in the logs? maybe turn on debug for 30 mins just to see if it catches anything


I had not noticed it, I’‘m in and out of my office so much I just didn’‘t notice this problem until the calls started coming in. I will look at the debug logs to see what’'s up.



As this thread is not marked as Resolved, maybe this will help:



look for a:


I had seen that post but I am unable to find that file ( xmpp.client.idle ) under the System Properties to edit. I could add it but I am not sure what effect that it will have on the server.

Grant H.

Here is what I have under the System Properties:

plugin.search.serviceEnabled = true

plugin.search.serviceName =search

register.inband = false

register.password = hidden

xmpp.audit.active = false

xmpp.audit.iq = false

xmpp.audit.logdir = /opt/wildfire/logs

xmpp.audit.logtimeout = 120000

xmpp.audit.maxcount = 10

xmpp.audit.maxsize = 25

xmpp.audit.message = false

xmpp.audit.presence = false

xmpp.auth.anonymous = false

xmpp.client.compression.policy = optional

xmpp.client.tls.policy = disabled

xmpp.component.permission = whitelist

xmpp.domain = 10.2.x.x (hidden)

xmpp.muc.create.anyone = true

xmpp.muc.create.jid = gharris@10.2.x.x … (hidden)

xmpp.muc.history.type = number

xmpp.muc.sysadmin.jid = gharris@10.2.x.x … (hidden )

xmpp.muc.tasks.user.idle = 172800000

xmpp.server.compression.policy = disabled

xmpp.server.dialback.enabled = false

xmpp.server.permission = whitelist

xmpp.server.session.idle = 72000000

xmpp.server.socket.active = false

xmpp.server.tls.enabled = false

xmpp.session.conflict-limit = 0

xmpp.socket.ssl.active = true

Hey Grant Harris,

Since Spark is being disconnected too I would say that changing/setting the system property xmpp.client.idle is useless. That system property allows you to change the max time a client can be idle before closing his connection. However, clients that send heartbeats to the server are not considered inactive thus are never closed by Wildfire.

Since Spark is a client that does send heartbeats I would recommend looking for other factors that might be closing connections. For instance, is there a firewall between the clients and the server that might be closing the connection?


– Gato


There is no firewall between the client and the server, my jabber client is on the same 8 port switch as the server. I have just updated the server to 2.5.0 and the connection issue seems to have gone away. I was looking at the old debug logs from the 2.4.2 server and did a side by side comparison. There are no new time out errors in the log as I can see. The strange thing is all the settings are the same as before, so I will need to watch the server & clients over the next 2 weeks to see if the issue is truly fixed.

There are no magic bullets, just lucky shots.

Grant H.

Well I have been using the server without any problem with the clients being disconnected & reconnected. I think this one is fix. (would love to what it was, but it’'s still a win!)