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Clients not reconnecting after update to 4.2.2

I run Openfire 4.1.6 on Windows 10 Professional machine with only a few users (below 10). I’ve recently upgraded it to 4.2.2 and clients started having issues when they changed from example WiFi to mobile network - what the client experiences was that they’re still connected and sending messages resulting with confirmations as delivered - but in fact client wasn’t actually online. In some cases it managed to send messages through, but never got any messages from the server.

I was using Conversations and Gajim as the clients myself (both latest version) and this occurred each time I changed network on my mobile and at some point even Gajim (always on same network) stopped getting any messages from the server, although it appeared as online and even got confirmations for sending messages.

I’ve now downgraded back to 4.1.6 again, and the Conversation clients had to remove and re-add the account due to downgraded SASL authentication it said.

This was a 32-bit installation that was upgraded a few times by now, so I’m assuming something weird with the latest version.

Looks like this https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1497

Indeed that looks like the issue I had.