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Clients unable to see users

I have recently installed OpenFire 3.8.2 and I am unable to see users when I log into the client. I am using the emedded database and active directory integration. Not sure what to check to see what might be misconfigured.

I think my original post might not be very clear. The users are able to log in with active directory creds but when they log in they do not have anyone in the roster. How do i create a global roster?

you will need to create a Group in Openfire then in that groups settings select:

Enable contact list group sharing --> Share group with additional users (Checkmark this) --> All Users

Then put your users into this group and relogin. You should now see everyone. There is a plugin called Registration that will allow you to set things up to auto-add new users to a group… so you can setup a base “catch-all” group for the office, then setup other segmented groups if you want people to have custom group lists (ex: Accounting group, HR group, etc)