What IM clients are best to use with Openfire?

Openfire is a jabber (xmpp) server, so any jabber client should work with it. Probably some clients work better, or have some unique features, but mostly it is a choice of personal preferences. Spark has some features that you can control with Openfire (blocking broadcasts, setting global bookmarks, etc.). But in case you have computers with low resources, then you should consider clients with lower memory footprint, like Psi, Exodus, etc. Though they are not actively developed. Spark also hasnt seen new official releases for quite long, though work isnt stopping on the background. Most actively developed client is probably Pidgin (i believe Adium for Macs), but i personally dislike it, so won’t advertise

Miranda IM

Thanks wroot!

You like that one? Does it have multiple IM account management capabilities such as Yahoo and AOL?

you can access Yahoo, etc with spark if you install the Kraken plugin ( for openfire. This will also allow you to limit who can use that feature.

OK - thanks.

Yes, Miranda is from a family of a multiprotocol clients, like Trillian, Pidgin and others. And mentioned above like Spark, Exodus, Psi and others are pure jabber only clients. But. There are additional “programs” for servers, which allows jabber clients to chat with other networks, so they can be as multiprotocol clients. Such “program” for the Openfire server is Kraken IM Gateway (former IM Gateway) plugin, which supports a bunch of protocols, like AOL, MSN, Yahoo (though Yahoo support is in an experimental stage). Also, Spark has a special support for that plugin. It displays those networks icons on the toolbar, if those networks are activated on the server (transports). Other clients has to do a bit more configuration to get to the transports.

Do you happen to know if the new WebEx connect client (V6.0.3 build 5431), works with OpenFire (v 3.6.4). This client is supposed to support Jabber now, given that it seems like it should work ( I have not tried). Any settings on OpenFire I should try?

Sorry, i havent even heard about such client.