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Closing session dueto incorrect hostname in strea header. Host: 10.0..79

I’‘ve got Wildfire running on my server on internal network - - my box is kathy.admin.net. The server name is “wildfire”. The xmpp.domain is “admin.net”. I am user1 on my machine and there is a user2 on another machine on local network. We’'re both using gabber2. Both users show as authenticated, and presence light is green on the server. However, as soon as I ry to send a message to user2, I get the following message on the server:

Closing session dur to incorrect hostname in stream header. Host: Connection:org.jivesoftware.wildfire.net. SocketConnection@…

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Hey Kathy,

The warning message that you are seeing is not related to the sending message problem. By default, client connections don’'t get their hostname validated unless you instructed the server to do so by changing the system property xmpp.client.validate.host to true. Moreover, connections will be closed as soon as they connect even before authenticating or sending an available presence.

In summary, I think that the warning message is coming from a server-to-server connection (unless you changed the above system property). I checked and it seems that gabber2 is an old product so I would suggest using a more updated product. Also make sure that the message being sent to the other user is sent to the correct JID. You will need to open a debugger window in your client to gather the XML being sent and received.


– Gato