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Closing Spark by pressing the "X" button makes the app unreachable

Hi all!

I’m experiencing this issue both with 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 : Spark icon does not show up in the Taskbar, and closing Spark itself by pressing the “X” button males the app unreachable, although the process is still running.

Windows XP SP2, by the way.

Any hints/suggestions?



Does it show in the system tray (by the clock at all).

I’ve run into this alot too using 2.5.5. For users that do not have administrative access to their local machines, no it doesn’t show up in the task bar at all.

Hi Merydian,

deleting the JNIWrapper plugin does not help … it produces the results you see also for me. So you could check if you have the folder %programfiles%\Spark\plugins\jniwrapper\ and if it is listed in Spark (Spark menu, Plugins). If it’s there then it is likely an issue with permissions or group policies.


Anyone else have a comment on this one? I’m seeing this problem on one user’s system. He is only a user on the laptop, not a power user or admin. This problem doesn’t show up on other systems where the logged on account is only a user, so it’s not our group policy. It could be permissions, but I dunno what.


Hi Joe,

did you use MSI or EXE?

I did install the EXE installer in c:\tools\ as I am also not a power user or administrator and there it works fine.


Thanks for the reply. I actually found another thread about this and it being permissions related to a certain java app being unpacked. I’m going to try that with the user next time he’s in. Thanks.