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Cluster Hazelcast Plugin Issues with mysql (s)


two servers ready in hazelcast , should i set point to two different database of servers and make them synchorus ?

How update will be ?

Isaw the plugin read me sadi use a single share external source …so meant databse not suitbable to use two and replciat each others ???


i had the same problem. I have pointed each cluster Server to his own mysql database. The database is replicating with the others mysql databases. Just one Machine has write permissions, the other Member Servers are just reading. But on heavy utilization you need strong servers or you will get replica lags (Hazelcast/Openfire needs also a very fast server). For my needs i don’t need to write anything from the Cluster Openfire Member Servers to the DBase(its done by the Senior Member). This could be a possible problem.

I did dicuss with exp DBA and conclude that it is not suitable that will case differential data missing and non-syn may happen.

So the better sol is same db and have backup …etc this cluster solution seenm trends to load balancing more than HA.

Also i found video conferencing cannot be load balancing as it’s link must point to a single server ip, the virtual address / ip not work. And the link has some problem …eg. it will launch abc.com\jitsi\ofmeet …

rather than host.abc\jits\ofmeet …do u know where to edit ?