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Clustering Openfire 4.3.1 - Single Database Setup


Hello There,

I am trying to setup openfire cluster on my local environment, facing some issues, I need to understand few terminologies which document doesn’t guide.

I have two machines with below details:
Domain - example.com
Machine A (IP:, Hostname: server-a)
Machine B (IP:, Hostname: server-b)

While installing openfire on both the machines, I have given same database details i.e. I am trying to setup single database-openfire cluster.

I have installed hazelcast plugin on both the nodes.

Need to understand difference between xmpp-domain and FQDN properties when setting up openfire installation, what should I give?

Also I need to know the configuration of hazelcast-local-config.xml.

Can someone please give an example using above situation?


The XMPP domain name is shared between both nodes. It represents the XMPP domain of your cluster.

The host name is unique to the host that it is running on. - so uniquely identifies a particular host.




Thanks for the reply Greg, I have configured XmppDomain property to be example.com during setting up openfire on both the nodes.

Also I have configured FQDN as : .example.com for both openfire nodes.

But still it shows below warning:
DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.
on server information page.

Could you please suggest a way out here.


Ah, that simply means that your XMPP domain is not resolvable via DNS. As a short-term hack, you can put something in your hosts file (though this will only allow you to access one of your two nodes), but you really need to sort out a valid entry for things to work properly.

Alternatively, live with the warning messages, and get your clients to specify an IP address (not recommended!).