Clustering Room problem

Good morning.

I have a project based in openfire with the hazelcast plugin installed for a 2 cluster nodes. I used rest services to create room with member-only users restriction enabled.

In general, rooms are well created but i some cases (1 above 20 more or less), rooms are created in a wrong way. In node 1, room is created with the correct member, but in the other node, room is created with none member. This causes that sometimes rest service returns the conversation log correctly and other times, it returns a non-auth error because member can’t join de the room (when it is redirect to node 2).

Any help?


There are known issues with using the REST API and clustering and MUC, for example OF-1274

I’ll take a look at this.


I did find an issue in creating rooms wia REST, with a multi-node cluster . Specifically, there is a null pointer exception which occurs when room update event is sent through the cluster . The room is partially created I’m that case, but some properties may not be set.

If you specify the room’s modification date in the rest call to create the room, things seem to work as expected .