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Clustering Support Via ZooKeeper

Already posed in the support forum(wrong place).

I am working on a project and we feel that clustering support will be very important to us. We have written custom Openfire plugins for this project already so we are familiar with the process. Also, we have worked on projects using ZooKeeper. I am wondering if I could get some initial support to get a project underway to impliment clustering utilizing ZooKeeper instead of any commercial product.

What I am wondering:

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on why ZooKeeper would not work?

  2. Could I get some clear direction on the needs of the clustering plugin (What interfaces to impliment and how to properly register them)

  3. Any other thoughts.

This project would be done so that it could be handed back to the community.


Hi Jake,

did you already read http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1692 ? I did collect there the available information I did find in the forum.


I did see that and I have started on implimentations of those classes for a POC. I just want to make sure that is what I should be looking at and there is nothing else I need to worry about. Also, I want to make sure there is no special sauce involved in registering the plugin. Especially since there are some references to the cohernce plugin hard coded in the main code base.

Hi Jake,

how did the POC went.

I am also interested in understand how clustering would work in ZooKeeper, or rather the overall ‘How-to’ instructions.

Any pointers or experiences that you can share.

Currently we have been working on another ZooKeeper project. I expect the work on this to start sometime in the next week or two. I am not too sure if ZooKeeper is the right fit. Part of trying to impliment clustering will be taking a look at the options and their relative bennefits.

Hi Jake,

I’ve been studying Zookeeper, and so far it looks like a good starting point and framework. You mention you are not sure if Zookeeper would be the right fit, can you please expand on this concern?



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