All I wan’t is to add one other computer to my server.

I don’t know how to buy a licence or even think I can afford it.

Is there anyway I can atleast try clustering or get it for one computer.

first the clustering plugin is no longer supported by Jive. Second unless you have many thousands of users there would be no need for it.

Well, I would still like to use it. Becuase the load on the java<->MySQL is verry low…

Or is there a way to edit that?

Becuase right now its at 5min 500max and I changed it to 9999max in the MySQL settings, just don’t know how to change it on the server.

I have no idea what you are referring to. A single openfire server with enough memory dedicated to java should support tens of thousands of connections.

Java Memory

11.43 MB of 63.31 MB (18.1%) used

This is with me only on the server.

I have 2gb of ram so I don’t know whats going on.


it looks like you did openfire with the default JVM options, so Openfire can use 64 MB. If you want to increase the available memory for Openfire you need to increase the Xmx JVM value as described in the documentation (and in a lot of forum posts).

Openfire needs some MB (10-20) to run, even when no one is connected.


If you are running openfire on windows then this thread has a vmoptions file attached for openfire running as a service: