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CM and whitespace ping take all memory and generates High CPU usage

I’‘m currently using the CM 3.3.0 and I’‘ve noticed that when my client are sending whitespace ping (" ") every 15seconds, and only whitespace the CM used all availble memory (1 GB), and use nearly 100% CPU to deal with pings. I’'ve performed the same test with no ping and CPU is is nearly 0% when all clients are connected, and memory usage is low.

For the test purposes, I’'ve used 10 000 clients which connects, request their roster (which has 20 entries), sets their presence, then send ping for 10 minutes, and finally disconnect.

Here are the results of my tests.

  • 10 000 clients connected

  • 10 000 clients connected and sending whitespace ping

The connection manager is Gadolinium:

  • green curve on CPU graph

  • red curve on Free Memory graph

Is someone aware of any issues that might cause this?

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Memory leak has been fixed in OF and CM 3.3.2

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