Coldfusion, Smack and Google Talk Issues


I have read through all of these forums which have been great so far, but now it seems I am completely stuck. I am using Coldfuision as in this example: smack/

to create a web client for Google Talk.

I can send from Coldfusion to any client with no problems. However I cannot send back to Coldfusion, except under certain circumstances. The Google Talk client, Psi, etc do not work under any circumstances. However I can get the Exodus client to send messages back to Coldfusion if I just opened Exodus and just opened the web page with the Coldfusion client. But if I close the Coldfusion client and reopen it I can send messages with no problems, but cannot receive them. I have tried many different combinations of resetting sessions in the browser, using different computers, closing the conenction with close() and nothing works. I can still send messages from Coldfusion, but cannot receive them. The only way to make it work again is to reset the sessions in Coldfusion, reopen the coldfusion page and close and reopen Exodus. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next? Also I was looking into using listeners instead of pollMessage(). Any info here on integrating it with Coldfusion would be great. Thanks.


I think i might know what’‘s happening. The current stable release of Smack depends on thread ID’‘s when you’‘re using the Chat class. Many clients ignore thread ID’'s. Two options:

  1. Try the new Smack beta. It has some fancier logic that should work well for you.

  2. Ignore the Chat class and just register liteners directly with the xmpp connection class. In other words, manage your own sessions with other users rather than using the Chat class.




Thanks for the response. Before reading this I actually upgraded to the newest beta release to find out that I needed the newer Java version as well. I upgraded to that, but after doing so found that my flash remoting refused to work and downgraded again. However in doing so I found an old version of Smack in one of the Coldfusion directories, presumably one that shipped with CFMX 7. I put the current stable version in this directory, restarted the server and everything now works.