Communicating with one''s own ID by way of google talk

I want to be able to send myself a message via google talk, ideally without needing to create a second account. So, supposing I connect to gtalk with smack, using username=myself password=mypass resource=smack, and the GoogleTalkConnection connection object, how could I send a message to “myself” on every other connected resource?

I hope this is clear – I’'m totally new to XMPP, just kind of feeling my way around it trying to accomplish something


When connecting, you should get a presence packet for everybody on your roster, and every other resource for your own account. Then you just have to use that full jid (format user@host/resource) as the destination address.

Sending the message to user@host without a resource will just forward it to the resource with the highest priority, which doesn’'t seem to be what you want.

I tried setting up a packet listener for that purpose, but I was unable to get that information. I know it’'s a bit of an imposition, but could you maybe throw together a quick sample of code that should do it?

I know I’'m bumping my own question here, but can anyone help out with this?

I’‘ve done a bit of looking around, but haven’‘t had any luck in accomplishing what I’'m trying here.

Recap: I want to use Smack to send a message from my google talk account, TO my google talk account, that will be received at all of the other clients currently connected. I want this for asynchronous notificaions, without having to get a second jabber account somewhere.

Thanks to anyone that can help.