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Communication between multiple jabber servers

I am looking for a jabber server software that can be configured to allow users from multiple servers to communicate with each other and see each other. Based on my poking around it seems like OpenFire will do this (with plugins?) but I wanted to ask to make sure I was not missing/misunderstanding lingo.

Plan is to set up 3 servers, each with it’s own user base but all 3 need to be able to see/chat with users on the other servers. Am I correct that the “clustering” mechanic will allow this to work?

Depends what you are trying to accomplish? Why do you want the three groups of users on separate systems?

If you really need three separate systems, each independent, but can communicate with each other, then you need to use S2S. That said, I’m not sure why you’d even want to bother doing that.

Clustering is to create a single logical IM environment but have it run across multiple hosts for HA or scaling. Doesn’t sound like that is what you are after.

We have locations in different areas of the world that need to manage their own users. This allows them to have their own jabber server for that location and do so. HA is a concern as well.

If you want separate servers, then you will need to use S2S.

If you need HA, clustering will work, although you likely need a cluster at each location and S2S if they are each to be independent. There are lots of other considerations with clustering also, such as a resiliant database, load balancer or clustering software to manage a virtual IP that clients connect to, plus you need some sort of monitoring or health check to make sure users are not routed to a broken cluster member. So, unless you really need HA it’s probably not worth the hassle.