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Communication between User Groups

Hello guys.

I have the following problem, I have a “group A” of users and a “group B” with other users.
If I share the contacts from group A with group B, they can see each other, but I want group A not to see who is logging along with him in the same group, just who is in group B. And group B You can see who is logged in with him and is not in group A.

I use Spark 2.8.3 as a client and a version of my Firefox OpenFire is 4.1.5.
Are there any plugins to manage this communication?

Unfortunately, there is no sharing option that excludes sharing group contacts to the members of the same group. So i think your only option is to use Packet Filter plugin and create rules to block all packets from group A to group A. But that will still show offline contacts to them i think. I have filed a ticket for an improvement, but not sure if it will be implemented OF-1385

Thanks man, I used the Pacekt Filter as it said, and it worked.
My problem was to make the contacts in the same group do not talk, blocking the packs gets even better.