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Community Migration and Upgrade to Cloud

The time has finally come. Ignite’s community installation of Jive’s SBS product will be migrated and upgraded to the Jive Cloud offering instead of being maintained as a stand alone legacy installation on colcated hardware.

The migration will take place at 8:30 AM Pacific Time, Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

**We expect approximately 3 hours of downtime.

Both the community AND the website will be unavailable while the migration takes place.

It’ll be good to be on a current, supported version of the product again! Thanks for understanding about the downtime!

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Will the links to threads/post be retained?

I don’t forsee any issues with that. Once the migration is complete, the community will exist at the same URL.

That’s great, as most issues in Smack and Openfire have an “Ignite Realtime Forum Post” field that contains the URL of the forum post where this issue was reported. I don’t want those links to break.

I changed the time to 8:30am Pacific as the Jive team and I will need some time to take backups and dump databases before the Jive scheduled migration begins at 9:00am.

Right now?

I’m taking it down now. You may not even see this message for a few hours.

Oops. The URL has not yet changed, but I did set up URL redirects for the short term.

I’m working with Jive Hosting Ops to get the hostname/URL moved over.

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