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Community Upgrade 2013-03-24 2300 PDT

Tonight I’ll be upgrading the Ignite Community to the latest 4.5 release of Jive SBS.

We want to be as current as possible with bugfixes, etc.

Downtime should be less than an hour.

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Upgrade is compete. Downtime was closer to two hours, due to unexepectedly long backups and upgrade tasks.


Hi Benjamin,

Will this new upgrade supports Multiple LDAP?



This thread is about the forums upgrade, not the Openfire server. As for multiple LDAP, if you mean multiple domains support, then this is not supported and not planned.

Benjamin, thanks


Thanks for the info and update Benjamin!

Just a heads up… it looks like the forum icons are now missing? (the igniterealtime contributor one is missing and so is the jive software one). I think they are called “badges” on the forum.

thanks again!

Yeah. I’ve noticed the “KeyContributor” text below my avatar, but somehow didn’t grasped this First day after vacations after all

and it’s a Monday… sigh

Thanks for catching that! I had to move a symlink on the filesystem to fix another issue and missed that’s where these icons live.