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Compile msn messenger with spark!

Hey all,

i’'ve worked by Microsoft corp, so i have the source of msn messenger 5 and 7.

my plan whas to recompile msn to another name and change some stuff so whe can use a new messenger like msn!! everyone that use jabber can use it! i think its possible ive done it before with msn 4.5 in develop and change somethings that i can login to my jabber account! only few things is to find out how we can make the buzzer and winks! but thats no problem! is it possible to have the spark source for some reson! if it is! please PM me or something!

i hope some of you people want to help and build with me!! so whe can make a greatfull and nice new messenger and then i think jabber is better than stupid msn!

why i say that msn is stupid becouse my boss of my work section hase dismissals many people like me! (company economises)

Sorry for my english…

Thanks in advance

Hi Menno,

a good one. Do you want that your ex-company visits you? After this post it may be just a matter of time anyhow. Or were the sources a farewell gift?

I always thought that M7 is a .net application while Spark is a java application. I think there would be no need to throw away the M7 GUI, and if you are only interested in the java XMPP API, it is already open source and called Smack.


No its not a farewell gift!! and in the Copyright of microsoft there says that when a duplicate msn 7 or other with somechanges that give no problems!!! hehe otherwise im not posting this and M7 is useing .net but not only that!! a special protocol but its easy to rebuild it! and second thing ive tried with smack on msn 4.5 but now msn 7 is too hard to build smack in it!! so there must be another way… ill find it out! im still working there but in another section…ive hear it today pff