Compile whack 2.0 with all dependencies

When whack is downloaded and compiled via eclipse, despite declaring all dependencies as “compile” the generated jar still requires all external libraries to run.

For a specific applications, we require that all jar dependencies are packed together.

We followed the instructions here as an alternative, to no effect -> Deliver Your Java Application in One-JAR™ ! ,

Can anybody direct us how to compile whack within eclipse or maven and include all dependencies in the produced JAR file? We searched the fora and we did not find a working solution.

You can use the maven-shade-plugin or maven-assembly-plugin for this. But generally it’s a bad idea to merge all jars into one, because jar files can have the same files, which would get overridden then. I.e. when each jar has a META-INF/, only one is taken.

I used the assembly plugin but it requires the main class invocation method. Which one is it?

We only want to do this with Whack library/Jar for purely internal administrative and procedural reasons.