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Compiling Spark with NSIS

Does anyone have a step-by-step on compiling/installing with NSIS rather than install4j? I don’t feel like shelling out 400 dollars for the legit’ version of install4j when NSIS is free. If no one has any tips, I’ll compile a guide and figure it out myself.


One of the biggest reason to use install4j is not the installation itself, but the java .exe wrapper for windows.

There are other wrappers that you can use like: JSmooth

That’s my tip.

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I have done an NSIS setup for Spark once. A few things:

The installer from install4j and NSIS are not going to be compatible. If someone has one installed, they need to uninstall it before installing the other (unless you want to attempt to figure out all the registry stuff install4j does)

If you are interested in taking what I have, send me a private message and Ill send it your way. I dont really have a document or anything, but its a start.


I’m going to be using NSIS to create an installer for opnefire. Can I please see your Spark script just to get a feel for it.