Completely new to Spark.. need help

Hello everyone,

I have used sppark once but it was then set up by someone else. I wanted to use this again and wanted this in my office. I have download spark for my winodws system and installed it. It asks me to create and account and in that the last fiels if Server. Can anyone please tell me what needs to be eneterd there?

I woudl be very greatful.

Many thanks in advnace for the help.

Best Regards


You must enter the server of your company, if you want to try with my server

Spark won’t work by itself. It needs a server to connect to. This can be a public jabber/xmpp server, but probably you were connecting to some internal server before (also this server was using Openfire as a server backend probably). I think you should better talk to your IT personnel about this.


Thank you for the resposne. I have antered the name server that i have for my company’s hosting server. Will that do. Also, its a shared hosting plan… does that create any problem.

Many thanks