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Component presence


I am trying to build a multiplayer game using an XMPP component (XEP-0114) for the server side but I am having trouble indicating presence.

If a client sends the component a presence subscription request (

<presence to="server@ping.komogvind.dk"




) then that stanza is delivered to my component with a bare JID as the ‘from’ attribute. Why is that?

Not all betatester01s connections are interested in presence.

However, even when the component replies to this presence subscription request the client does not receive it. Why?

Last thing…if the component crashes or is shut down, is the server able to indicate the components unavailability?

And when it is back up, will the server be able to indicate this to interested parties?

I tried adding a group with all my components and shared it with all users, but apparently that did not put the components in the users rosters.

Is presence really a no go for components?