Comunication between webchat client and spark has problem? agent could acept the chat request but the chat window is not opening either for agent or wechat window


I have started migration openfire server 3.3.3 to latest openfire 3.5.2, I could able to install the openfire server successfuly.

The problem is when I start chat from web client, agent could able to acept the chat request. After acepting the request nothing is happening on the both side spark as wells web chat client. Web chat cleint keep on showing message saying that “You are currently number 1 in the queue. It is estimated that your wait time will be less than 1 minute.” and in the spark side nothing is opened up even after acepting the chat request.

We are having unlimitted commercial license for openfire server. Current version which we are having in production is 3.3.3. New verison which we are trying is openfire 3.5.2 with spark 3.5,8.

Please help me to solve this problem. Hereby attached the problem scressn shot. Please find the log files with this post too…,