Concurrent users with Openfire 3.3.2


We have a IM server setup based on openfire 3.3.2 with mysql database and IM gateway plugin. I would like to know how many concurrent users it can support after JVM (-xms 1024m -xmx 1024m) setting. We are focusing on providing support for 50000 concurrent users atleast anytime.what are the required hardware selection, configuration changes, testing tool needed to achieve this.

User and Group managements have been done through MySQL database, Roster and Gateway users managed through embedded database, All existing caches have been used with modifications, future task is to attach a middleware with this server for B2B integration.

This document is data directly from Jive:

OK, thats helpful. Pls tell me how much openfire vs 3.3.2 is efficient for providing services to stated no of concurrent users, and also considering Server needs to get data from multiple data/ content providers

Those numbers predate the release of 3.3.2 of openfire. I would say they would be good for your version as well. If anything they will be overly conservative.