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Conference Conversation History

Hi all - I have searched the forum, but can’'t seem to find any info on my problem. I have users that were in a conference conversation and one of them wants to pull up the history and view the original conference conversation. Is there any way to do this? One-on-one conversations work just fine, but nothing pertaining to the conference was logged there.

I want this answer…


The conversation history is actually part of the Group Chat Settings within your server. I would recommend modifying your settings to allow for more than the default 25 previous messages. Let me know if this works for you.



Hi Derek,

I have no idea whether the server admins would like to modify their server settings for me or other users.

So it would be nice if one could log also MUC and private-MUC history on the client side.

While mosts chat messages are not relevant it would be nice to have a “Tag” button to tag chat lines for further reference - for normal and for MUC chats.



How can i view the old conversation history on server or client ?



if the server administrator enables MUC logging he will find the log entries in the database and with some fine-tuned sql statements one may genereate an XML file of the conversation. This is probably not the solution you’‘d like to use, especially if you are not the server admin or if your database is limited in it’'s size.


Dear LG,

It mean that cannot find the log in wildfile web admin console or client ?

Could u mind show me how to use sql statements to generate the log ?


i think the one thing to add is that you can enable logging for persistent multi-user/conference chats you create, but you cannot currently enable database logging (other than txt based message auditing) for ad-hoc multi-user chats. i think this additional database logging is in the roadmap, but so far no news when this is going to be included. The web interface only searches the one-to-one chats. If you want to look at the MUC chats you’'ll have to look into the database tables (not sure if they will be adding muc searching when they add all MUC logging to database)