Conference Creation Doesn''t Work

Spark Version 2.0.1

Attempt to create a new Conference, Conference appears to be created but recieve message:

This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed.

Room not visible on Server (jabberd 2.0s11)

Attempt to save configuration, configuration possibly changed, no visible effect

Attempt to Update Subject, subject appears to update

Invite users -> They recieve invite and Accept

Users cannot see Room and Cannot Join Room. It appears that the room is never being created on the Server


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I’‘ve seen this behaviour of 1, 2, 3, … 9 with Spark and Wildfire while changing the nick name to one which includes a space character. I don’'t see it any more so it got fixed. Do you have some special characters in your name?


No, If I enter a room name of Test, and a Room Topic of Test (Room not private no password, not permanant) and hit create I get a prompt to enter nickname. Default is just my first name, no spaces and I get the problems after I click Join.

Ben has joined the room.

: test

: This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed.

The users we have been testing with don’'t have any special characters or two word nicknames either

Thanks Though!

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(I’'m the admin on the server bsykes is refering to).

When using GAIM and you create a new client, mu-conference is throwing back a configuration form where you can ‘‘accept defaults’’ or ‘‘configure room.’’ Once you accept the defaults or mod the config and accept it the room unlocks. Spark does not seem to handle that, I believe that’'s the issue.

This is very strange. Spark actually sends the default room configuration automatically. I see that you are using this with Jabberd. Have you tried the same steps with Wildfire?



We do not have Wildfire and Wildfire is not an approved option for our organization. The best I could do it slap it on my workstation and connect locally to see what happens.

I slapped wildfire on my workstation and spark handles groupchat fine with wildfire as the server.