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Conference Help with Openfire Enterprise and Spark

We just rolled out Openfire (version 3.4.1) and Spark (version 2.5.8) a week ago. Its working great except for one feature I can’t get to work on it.

I have created some persistent chat rooms on the server, and via Enterprise, created bookmarks for the users. The rooms are member only and I have all the users set up. The bookmarks are set for the specific users, and I checked Auto Join on the bookmark set up. But, the users don’t auto join the room. The bookmarks show in Spark, and the users can access the rooms, without problems. If I right click on the bookmark in Spark and select Join on Start Up, it doesn’t work either. When Spark starts again, the room is not automatically joined and the check mark on Join at Startup is gone.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This is a known issue and is logged as a bug here - http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/ENT-167




Thanks you for the update. We’ll wait for the next release.