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Conference room logging question: how to log to text file?

I have my server configured to replay the most recent 20 messages to any user that joins a room. This is a very popular feature.

However, I also need some persistent record of complete history. The best solution would a text file that has all the conference room chatter since inception.

Before I write a bot to do this for me, is there a bot already written? Is there some better way?


Could you please provide that bot (if possible, with source code) us? May be devs can take a look at the code and will know what you are looking for and it might be useful for some other people also.




are you looking for a Wifi plugin like the iball chat auditor http://sourceforge.net/projects/iball-auditor ? I’'m also looking with a very low priority for such a tool which stores the information to a file and not (like iball) to the database.

You may look at it and extend or modify it so it’'s logging to a file, this should be much better than writing a bot.