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Conference Room - Logs


how must i configure openfire that i have logs from the conference chat?!

I Have click the room talk log enabled at the room settings…and another point.

Now i have in openfire\logs an “jive.audit-20090202-000” when i open it with the texteditor i see a lot of things…i see the chat logs,but i must hard search where are the chat text is.

When i open it with Wordpad…i see a little, but no chat log.

Gives a plugin which logs the conference chat better?!



has no one an idea?!

I Will only log the conference chat correctly.


In The logfile what i configure its not good, when i open it with wordpad:

moin. Good luck folks<html

x=censored .

And when i open with texteditor:

moin. Good luck folks<html

its the same…and i must very search that i find the text…but i dont see who write them.

When i make a .htm fromt the .log…i see only text:

“moin. Good luck folksmoin. Good luck folksshinyiconsfolks?folks?shinyiconsheißt so etwas wie freunde oder Kameradenheißt s”


ok i have it

I must install the monitoring service, and know i have a nice chat archiv in archiving and i can read all chats easy.

But…can i delete the archiv?!

I have now many archiv for testing…but i dont find a button for delete conversations.