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Conference Room - Memberlist

I have been unable to find a definitive previous discussion or answer for this issue.

Group chats are functioning properly, for the most part, however, the memberlist tends to only show the currently logged on user and any admins present in the conference; regardless of who else is actually present in the conference. It does not show every member, for users or admins. All clients are using the Spark client.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank You

Member list is not visible from client or server perspective? If you log into OF and look at room members do you see everyone?

What are your broadcast presence settings for the room? If you check all three boxes does it fix it? Users may have to leave/join room to test properly.


It was not visible from the client perspective. I did add “participants” to the list of “broadcast prescence” and it fixed the issue. However, it now broadcasts a message as well when people enter or leave a room. Is there a way to remove the message, but leave the memberlist prescence?

Thank You for your quick reply and help so far.

Openfire doesn’t broadcast a message - The client is just displaying a presence change for a user, much like it does when a user goes idle/away. I am not aware of a mechamism in Spark to disable presence change notifications in chats.


Thank You