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Conference Rooms

  1. Is there any way to have a user automatically join a temporary conference room that another users has created.

  2. Is there any way to have a conference room log all converstions and save it locally on the computer that has spark installed

I am using wildefire 2.5 and spark 1.1.1

ooh ooh, let me try

  1. No.

  2. Yes, you can enable MUC (multi-user-chat - conference room) logging via Wildfire admin console. (assuming Wildfire is the Jabber server you are using). This allows you to set how much of the MUC log is available to new atendees.

As a side note, you can log the entirety of all chats (MIUC or 1 on 1) on the server.

(All corrections are welcome as I have most likely missed something, damn rum)



how should 1) be realized? Should some magic open a muc window? You may send invitations to the ones you could be interested to take part. Maybe a SparkPlug could do the magic if you really need it.


as you have mentioned in other thread, we should mention some other client here

Just for information, in JBother you can check “Automaticly join this room” in room’'s bookmark properties. Exodus has “Join on login” in bookmark properties.

And of course Spark has the “Auto join room on startup” feature.


Oops Sorry. Spark has such feature also.

Reading SilverDrac question again it looks unclear. To automaticly join temporary room which were just created by some user? Some magic needed indeed User can specify different room names every time, so how would Spark guess it? Even if the name would be always the same. If that user hasnt yet created such room and you login with auto join enabled you will just create such room by yourself.

SilveDrac, can you explain why whould you need such feature? Maybe where is some other workaround.

What I am trying to do is have the ability like in Exodus where if someone creates a temporary conference room and then they invite a group of contacts, everyone in that group will automatically join the room.

The reason for doing this is in our company we have jobs we are working on and instead of creating a permanent room we create a temporary room. Also the person might be unavailable at the time, this way they could at least have a record of what happened in the room.

I would be a nice feature if there was a checkbox in the preferences that would allow this to happen.

By the way thanks to everyone for the support and to the spark and wildfire developers for 2 fantastic products

Ok. So, as i undestand, you need a checkbox say “Auto accept invitations”.

Though you can always view the record of conversation. Of course it depends how server is configured to store history.

One more, can you point that option in Exodus? Because i cant find it, unless it only works between Exodus clients. I cant test it right now, but i dont remember it to auto accept invitations by default.

You can find the setting in exodus by going to options, messages

There is a selector that says When I get invited to a chat room, do this:

Somehow missed that. Thanks