Conference service discovery


I recently set up an OpenFire server; everything is fine but I just have a doubt about conferences (or group chats). I notice that when doing a discovery items query for the server (, nothing is returned. If I do query for, then chat rooms are returned.

I would expect when querying that server returns the service, so the client can discover rooms automatically. Right now, I need the client to support rooms through manual discovery (Spark does, but others not).

This is the right behavior? It’s configurable somehow?

Best regards,

Xavier Romero

My Openfire installation returns this to disco#items request:

<query xmlns="">
        <item jid="pubsub.domain" name="Publish-Subscribe service"/>
        <item jid="proxy.domain" name="Socks 5 Bytestreams Proxy"/>
        <item jid="conference.domain" name="Public Chatrooms"/>

That’s great and that’s what I wish to get !! Any idea on why it returns an empty list to me? Any idea on how to troubleshoot it? Some specific parameter I should double check?

Thank you very much,

Xavier Romero.

I don’t know of any configuration for this. Maybe you see something in the logs?

Finally, after many hours googling, capturing traffic, reading forums, examining logs, etc, I just fixed it by restarting openfire server :-/


Which version of Openfire were you using? I believe that some older versions of openfire have an issue properly starting up the MUC service when there is ‘corrupt’ information in the database about the MUC.


I’m using version 3.9.3, it’s fresh install (no upgrades). It’s the last version thought !