Conferencing all members in an MS Exchange DL

I have looked through the forums and I have also googled on this subject and did not get any information about this.

Our requirement is to pull up an Exchange Distribution List in Spark and invite all the users in the Distribution List into conference. If we can initiate this with an Outlook inline module that would be great as well.

Does anyone know how to do this with Openfire and Spark?

In our organization we use Openfire 3.6.4.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide us in this regard.



Openfire can be integrated with LDAP (Active Directory). Not sure about the Exchange DL, but Exchange is some what related to AD, as much as i know. So probably it is possible to pull all the domain users, but maybe not with the same structure as in Exchange DL. There is no Outlook integration.

When you can pull all your users to Openfire, then you can share all them with Shared Groups. Then a user (or admin) can create a conferece and send invites to whole roster (contacts list in Spark) and then they can join this conference.

We are pulling information from AD. We are able to authenticate with AD user credentials using Spark to an Opefire server .

We are able to invite users to a conference from the AD user list from those who are logged in. Our requirement now is to Invite all members in a Distribution List or Distribution Group and let those who are available online to invite/ join the conference.