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Conferencing Issues/Suggestions (devs)

For starters… I’'m running Wildfire 2.5.1 and Spark 1.1.3

I’'m running the client and server through various tests and have run into the following issues regarding the conferencing feature:

  • A non-existent user can be invited to the conference

  • If starting another conference during the same session, sometimes the user(s) you invited to the previous one are automatically on the list.

  • When the user receives the request to join, focus preference is given to the main interface, and the pop-up window hides behind.


  • Under “Jabber ID”, have the client automatically append the current server’'s address, as it does in the “Add Contact” function. Place a note under “Jabber ID” stating “Unless different server is specified (ie. user@jabberserver.com), client will search for and invite user on current server.”

  • Run a validation function to ensure that the user being invited exists on the server(s). Code exception handling routines to deal with the results.

  • Ensure invitee list is cleared when a new conference is being created

  • Ensure proper focus is given to the invite window.

Keep up the great work devs!!